Bats come out  after dark
                  can be found cruising the streets from   Boca Raton  to Palm Beach  to  Fort Lauderdale on clear sunny days and cool clear  nights.   Reaction on the streets while driving the batcar is  amazing.  The fun never ends  !   Rains  make driving this open- top roadster a bit  less frequent  during the hot summer months, but you can bet the car will be out  and about whenever the weather  permits.    So keep your camera handy.  Enjoy stopping here often  to see new pictures when weather allows.                      Got a question ? I'd love to hear your  comments about your visit to this page. Drop me a note to comment or  just say hello !!          
Florida Panthers Mascot,  Stanley C. Panther. April 8th  Boca Raton YMCA  Kids Health Day
April 15th 2006 Boca Raton.
Mutual Admiration
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"MyBatCar"  was  shipped from California and  arrived here in South Florida on Jan 15th 2006.        
Like the # 1 car that George Barris modified for the TV series in 1966 that now sits in the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A. this too is a                       
The engine is a gas guzzlin Ford 460ci with  4brl carb and Dual Flowmaster Exhausts. Some of the crazy  features include:  Closed Circuit TV ... Bat Phone ...  Afterburner ... Beacon ... Chain Cutter ... Detect-a-Scope ... Bat Ray  ... Electric Trunk + Hood  ... DVD- MP3- CD
ALL the fun "Bat" toys are here that would make               even the Riddler  GREEN  with  envy.

Sorry....I'm havin way too much fun !      Call back later
The " Bat Phone"
Florida Panthers Mascot at a Charity Event
the "Retro" look in B/W
Kevin at the controls
...a photo display of my collector  car
At Lunch
At Dinner
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Dash Plaque       autographed
  Adam West 
  Burt Ward
Cruisin in the Bat
A bats eye view from above
   Empty seat awaits it's driver
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The Afterburner
In Dash High Res Color Bat-TV
Across the Dash view

Saturday by the Beachxt.
At Play
Lake Worth Beach....notice the rear shadow is a BAT in flight !
Holy Hot Dog !!   
Dans DeLorean and  MyBatCar
BSO's  at Deerfield Beach
Boca Raton Beach
Deerfield Beach
The most recognized car in the world
Mizner Place Boca Raton
The Bat with a "54" Caddy and a LOT of Ferraris
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A stop for gasoline...and a local admirer
Ready to roll !
It actually fits in the garage with the Volt.